People Are Talking About Shaklee

Jacqui’s Weight Loss  Story

Losing over 200 pounds as winner of the Extreme Weight Loss TV show created a temporary success, but did meet Jacqui’s most important goal. Hear the rest of her success story.

Amber and Harper

A Facebook post by a mutual friend introduced Amber in Florida and Harper in Illinois – and changed both their lives.

Coletta and Leonard

For 18 years, Coletta & Leonard have been able to fulfill so many dreams – from being home to raise their kids, pay for college, travel and more – simply by sharing what they love about Shaklee.

Rick’s Story

The thing about Shaklee that excites Rick Seymour most is personal growth–not just his own growth, but the growth he sees in every life he touches with Shaklee.

Barb’s Weight Loss Story

Barb made a decision 9 years ago to get off the yo-yo diet cycle. She decided to embrace the Shaklee 180 program and initially lost 30 pounds and not only kept it off, but lost an additional 20 pounds. She has an great success story to tell and anyone can do it.

Katie and Sam

Sam and Katie Odom were intrigued but skeptical about the opportunity to be a stay-at-home-mom building a Shaklee business around her family’s needs.  But in her first 3 years, simply by focusing on her team’s goals while crafting her own hours, Katie exceeded all expectations: she’s more than replaced her teacher’s salary, and earned free trips, bonus car payments and money to buy a new home.


A single mom describes how her newfound vitality has given her energy for her family and to create a program in her community to help other single moms.

The Ortiz Family

Aileen, Samantha and Christine all approach their businesses in different ways, but the goal is the same: sharing Shaklee with others.

Scott’s Story

Another member of our Triple Success Team shares what Shaklee has meant to him not only in his personal health, but how Shaklee has changed his financial life as well.