Introducing Our Business

Business Opportunity

Are you where you want to be in your life?
Is your family and work in balance?
Do you have the lifestyle you always wanted?
What if by doing something you are already doing; talking to your friends on Social Media about things you love, you could have the opportunity to earn additional income, cars, trips and other rewards. Would you? Watch the video and see how simple it is to build a lucrative business with the help of one of the most successful Teams in Shaklee.

Meet Roger Barnett

Meet the Chairman and CEO of Shaklee, Roger Barnett. He shares his tremendous experience as an entrepreneur and the vision he has for Shaklee and why he believes that every family should take control of their own destiny by owning their own business. He explains the value of building a social network that will pay you over and over again for work that you do one time.

Work From Anywhere

Here’s a quick look at the best of the belief in the Shaklee opportunity to change our thinking from Sick Care to Well Care and how we cane do that from anywhere and get paid to do it. Take 3 minutes and enjoy this fast paced look at Shaklee today and what a Shaklee lifestyle can look like.